Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Criticism Bites /// Book Review

Title: Criticism Bites

Author: Brian Berry

Pages: 122

Publisher: Group

Recommend: HIGHLY

Quotable: "Instead, when it comes to criticism, we need to think both practically and theologically about how God can use criticism in our lives and how we can learn to respond to it in healthy ways." Pg. 53

I'm no stranger to criticism... and if your have air in your lungs you probably have experienced your fair share of criticism.  I can recall many times in my life that criticism brought me down, almost left me debilitated.  Brian addresses a real issue many pastors are struggling with in the church.  As I was reading there were a few times I caught myself thinking: "I wish someone would have told me that 8 years ago."  It reminded me of situations I didn't handle so well and helped me think about ways I can improve on my leadership when those situations arise again.

See the previous seven years I pretty much only read books related to seminary but not anymore!  When I got Criticism Bites into my hands I thumbed through it and immediately knew I needed to read this book right away (If you know me, I would prefer to do almost anything before I pick up a book but there is something different about this book).  I put aside the other book sitting on my dresser, cleared my TV watching schedule and got to reading.

One thing I really appreciated about Criticism Bites is what's contained in these pages comes from a ministry veteran.  Brian isn't writing this book to just sell another book, Brian is sharing wisdom from his heart.  The best part is the wisdom he shares its super readable and applicable.  When you read this book you're going to think you're sitting at the local coffee shop talking with Brian over a latte.  Brian provides solid wisdom from someone who has been there and done that.  I could go on and on about how amazing this book is but the only way you're going to really learn how to deal with criticism in a healthy way is to shell out the $12 and start reading.

Bottom Line:  If you have ever experienced criticism in your life, you will know how much it bites!  Brian brings the truth of God and practically ministry experience to this book that I'm going to call a must read for every person in ministry!

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