Monday, October 14, 2013

Rwanda Bound

Gosh, I'm not sure where to start this post...

Life is a journey... I want to go where God leads me!

In a few short months I will be traveling to a small Africa country that was torn by civil war and genocide.  Most people would think I'm crazy for going there and some are right; I am a little crazy so I want to invite you to journey with me as I go Rwanda Bound!

I guess the best place to start is to give you the info I know as of now.  You should never journey alone, so I'm not going on this journey alone. I'll be traveling with my pastor (Mark Mitchell) and we'll meet up with Chris Foreman, founder of Come and See Africa, once we're on the ground.

We're slotted to help teach a conference on Apologetics (how to defend your faith) in a local college in Butare (south of the capital city).  We're expecting about 125 students from four countries to be at this conference.  After the conference is over we will preach in two local churches.  From what I understand; I'll preach in one church while Mark preaches in the other and then we swap for the second service.

What I've learned with trips like this is: be flexible.  I still need to get my shots and malaria pills but wanted to invite you into the journey with me!


Unknown said...

How exciting Neal!!! We will definitely partner with you. Can't wait to hear more about this trip. Someday, I want to hear your testimony on how you came to know the Lord too!

jennifer anderson said...

my dad got malaria in Africa about 25 years ago on a 3 week mission trip. unfortunately he did not get ill till around the time he got home. he almost died and had to have a blood platet transfusion. it seems there is more then one type of malaria, and he didn't get the shots or meds for all the types. it was hard for the hospital in Owensboro ky to figure out what type he had. other then that he loved his time in Africa.