Sunday, August 24, 2014

Confessions of a Pastor: I watch “R” rated movies

I watch “R” rated movies

If I had shared this while I was in Bible college it might have gotten me kicked out, or a good talking to.

Now let me provide some clarity on why I’m sharing this. I’m sharing this because not all “R” rated movies are inappropriate. Take Saving Private Ryan for an example. Saving Private Ryan is a thought provoking movie reminding us of the fight that was fought for our country. The movie lays out what happened in history and shows the power of a group of men focused on one mission: heroism. What Captain Miller says to Private Ryan as he’s dying is powerful!

There are other great movies that carry a “R”rating with them. Many of these movies portray a difficult situation in history or a horrible circumstance. There is a movie on Netflix you can watch called Zodiac. Zodiac shares the story of the Zodiac killer from the San Francisco Bay Area. The movie contains no sexual nudity, but is violent and shows killing. Its extremely informative about gnarly circumstances that occurred in the Bay Area.

On the other hand there are “R” rated movies that, in my opinion, are invaluable for anyone to watch. There are certain movies that have more sexual nudity than any person needs to see. There are certain movies who use the “F” word more times in two hours than any person needs to hear all year long.

Unfortunately movies like this sell tickets. Think about “The Hangover” trilogy. This is a prime example of a movie that provides no benefit for anyone (in my opinion).

If you think about watching a movie carrying an “R” rating make sure to check the small writing about the reason for the rating. Another great resource to use is This website breaks down movies and let’s you know what you’re getting in to.

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