Friday, April 17, 2020

3 Ways to grow spiritually during COVID-19

The last several weeks have been some of the wildest weeks of my life. And my guess is your life too.

From seeing the e-brake thrown on the world, to the stock market roller coaster, to the unemployment level rising, to domestic violence on the rise, and suicide hotlines experiencing an increase in calls. It's not all bad news. We've seen drive-by birthday parties, the launch of SGN on YouTube, churches blessing people and more.

As we've been going through COVID-19 here is something that I've learned. This is how I've tried to maintain spiritual growth and focus.

1. Read your Bible each day
This one isn’t going to shock you. Think about driving a car. You are with your friend visiting the town they just moved to. You’re driving along the 1 right along the beach. Your friend begins to point out her favorite surf spot and the car begins to drift in that direction. It wasn’t her fault; the truth is that we are drawn to where our eyes are fixed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch Hulu as much as the next person, but this is not a time to just binge all day long.
I can’t watch/read the news all day. New information is coming at us like rocket speed and it’s tough to process it all.
Social Media will never fill the need that only God’s word can.

I invite you to find a Bible reading plan. You can start reading the Proverbs. You read one Proverb a day based on the date of the month. If today is April 17, read Proverbs 17. Read the book of 1 Peter. Peter writes to exiles who are suffering. Perfect timing. Read the Gospel of Mark. It’s fast-paced, and action-packed! You get to learn about the life and ministry of Jesus.

2. Go on a prayer walk
Your body needs spiritual and physical exercise. Take a break and go for a quick walk. What if you took that time to share your thoughts, fears, dreams, and prayers with the Lord?

In my county we are still able to exercise outside. I know you want to endlessly scroll social media and catch up on all the updates. I know it’s great to read the stories of working at home and my co-workers just nap all afternoon. Put the phone done and talk to God.
Pray for this virus to be beaten.
Pray for your church.
Pray for your family.
Pray for your Governor to have wisdom.
Pray for your neighbor who lost his job.
Pray. Pray. Pray.

3. Care for your neighbors
This can be tough in social distancing but easy to do if you know your neighbors. Make sure your older neighbors have a ride to the store. Maybe call them and get their shopping list and pick up their groceries for them.

One person I know has called the single moms in her life and asked how she can help. Some of them have neighbors already sharing the load. Some have family members doing the shopping. Some need help.

Bake something and drop it at your neighbors doorstep with a kind note. This has happened to us. It is so cool when the kids walk out the door and find that. It has helped them feel connected to the rest of the world while social distancing.

What are some ideas that you can share?
What is missing or can be added?

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