Sunday, January 17, 2021

Lean in to Generosity- Small Group Questions

Coastline Bible Church is doing a five-week sermon series called: "Lean In" as we move into the New Year. There are so many parts of our lives that we don’t engage. We lean away from confrontation, difficult subjects, broken relationships, and things that require change. But what would happen if we began to lean in? What would change if we choose to lean in to God this year and see what He has for our lives? For five weeks we are going to lean in to different aspects of the Christian faith. For this series I volunteered to write the small group questions that go along with each sermon. It seemed like a waste to leave them in a file on my computer and not share them with everyone.

Small Group Questions ::: Lean in to Generosity ::: 2 Corinthians 9

To lean in is the opposite of running away. In this sermon sermon series we are leaning in to how God wants to shape and form our lives. Almost 2000 years ago the Apostle Paul started a church in a city he never visited; he choose to lean in to loving people. After leaving that church he wrote them about living a generous life. Paul instructed them on what do with their financial means. Giving isn’t reserved only for the rich but giving is act of faith. Giving is one way to say: “God I trust you with everything I have.” We want to lean in to all that God has for us. Today we’re going to focus on leaning in to generosity. We want to lean in to what the Bible teaches us about what to do with our financial resources and we want to be obedient to follow God’s word. 

1) Neal opened the sermon by talking about the RAS (reticular activating system) that helps our brain choose what to process. Share about something that your RAS has highlighted at one time or another in your life. 

2)Paul writes to the church in Corinth about being generous with their financial resources (read 2 Corinthians 9:6-7). In general, what are your thoughts about giving to God? How did you originally format this thought process?  

3) Paul instructs the church in Corinth to be cheerful and decisive in their giving. Read Luke 19:1-10. Zacchaeus was decisive in his giving and gave half his possessions to the poor. What does it look like to be deceive and cheerful in your giving?  

4) Read 2 Corinthians 9:8-9. God promises to give us what we need but not what culture says we must have. Share about how you have fallen into thinking that wants are needs and been mislead on financial purchases. 

5) Giving reflects a deep trust in Jesus. Read Luke 21:1-4. This woman was acting in obedience to God and her experience with God (see Malachi 3:10). What sticks out to you most about this woman and her trust in the Lord?

6) In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus spoke these words (Matthew 6:19-24). What makes it easier for a person to store up treasures on earth than in heaven? What do you think about Jesus’ words in verse 24, can a person serve two masters?  

7) When we trust our financial situation to God, He will provide all we need (read 2 Corinthians 9:10-11). Share about how you’ve seen God provide for your needs because you’ve made a commitment to trusting Him with your finances. 

Close your time in prayer. Talk about who you will invite to Coastline Online? 

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