Friday, November 19, 2021

Hebrews 8 | Small Group Questions

Coastline Bible Church just started a brand new sermon series called: "Greater." For the next several months we are going to look through the book of Hebrews together. The book of Hebrews was written to a Jewish audience living in the first century. They are likely experiencing persecution and thinking about abandoning their faith. The author teaches us how Jesus is greater than: the prophets, angels, Moses, Abraham, the Law, the old covenant, and the high priest. We learn that Jesus is greater than anything that has preceded Him. For this sermon Doug Meye preached and wrote the small group questions for us! 

SMALL GROUP QUESTIONS – A Better Priest, A Better Covenant – Hebrews 8

In Hebrews 8, the author continues to elaborate on the high priestly ministry of Jesus.  Like the ministry of Melchizedek (Genesis 14, Hebrews 7), Jesus’s high priestly ministry is superior to that of the high priests who ministered in the Jewish temple.  Because Jesus is a better high priest, who oversees a better covenant, fulfilling Jeremiah’s prophecy about a new covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34). This new covenant not only makes the old covenant obsolete but introduces followers of Jesus to new and wonderful realities of life with God (eternal life).

1) Think back over different bridges you have seen either in a picture or in person. What is the most memorable bridge you have ever encountered? Why?

2) The book of Hebrews cites a number of differences between the high priests who ministered in the temple and our high priest, Jesus Christ. Work as a group to recall as many of these as you can (See Hebrews 7:23-8:6).

3) In his ministry, death and resurrection, Jesus established a new covenant. Doug cited three different outcomes of the new covenant: an inner power, knowing God intimately, resting in grace. How do following scriptures help us understand these different aspects of the new covenant:
- inner power – (Matthew 3:11, Philippians 2:12-13)
- knowing God intimately- (John 17:3, Ephesians 1:17-21, Philippians 3:7-11)
- resting in grace – (Romans 5:1, Matthew 11:28-30)

4) Which of these new covenant outcomes means the most to you? Why? What things can you do to build this reality into your life in a greater way?

5) A priest serves as a kind of “bridge” between God and humanity. Jesus is our great high priest, but as followers of Jesus, we are also called to a priestly ministry (I Peter 2:4-5). How is our ministry like that of Jesus? How is it different? 

6) How can you use the analogy of a bridge to explain to an unbeliever what Jesus has done for us? (What scriptures might be part of your explanation: Romans 3:23, John 3:16, 10:9-10, I Timothy 1:15)

7) Who in your circle of relations needs hear the gospel? 

Close your time in prayer. Thank God for the aspect of the new covenant which is speaking most loudly to you. Pray for the strength to live out the reality of the new covenant. Pray for the person in your circle of relationships that needs to hear about the bridge to God Jesus has made possible.

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