Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Gospel of John: In the Beginning, the Word, the Light, and the Glory

In the Gospel of John, the author introduces the readers to the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. The opening verses of John 1:1-18, known as the Prologue, serve as a beautiful drive that captivates our attention and reveals the nature of Jesus and His mission. This blog post will explore the three sections of the Prologue: Jesus as "The Word," "The Light," and "The Glory."

In the Beginning was The Word
John's primary goal in writing this gospel is for readers to believe in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. He starts by echoing the familiar words, "In the beginning," triggering thoughts of the opening verses of Genesis. Through profound and complex theological statements, John establishes the preeminent nature of Jesus, emphasizing that Jesus was with God and was God Himself. Jesus, referred to as "The Word," is the expression of God and the communication of His truth. John, who personally experienced the transformative power of Jesus, asserts that nothing in all creation was made without Him.

The Light Came to The World
Building upon the concept of Jesus as the Word, John now presents Jesus as "The Light." In a world engulfed in darkness, Jesus brings illumination, truth, and righteousness. Just as light sustains physical life, Jesus offers spiritual life to all who embrace Him. John highlights the role of John the Baptist, who pointed others to Jesus as the true Light. Although darkness opposes the light, it can never overcome it. The light of Christ continues to shine even in the darkest places, driving out sin and offering hope to those who embrace Him.

The Word Became Flesh
John concludes the Prologue by describing Jesus as "The Glory." Jesus left the glory of heaven to dwell among humanity and rescue us from ourselves. John draws a parallel between Jesus' dwelling among us and the glory of God descending on the tabernacle in Moses' time. The Law given through Moses brought freedom to Israel, but now Jesus brings "grace upon grace." Grace, defined as receiving what we don't deserve, is a core value of the church. Through Jesus' grace, lives are transformed, and people experience the powerful work of God.

The Prologue of the Gospel of John takes readers on a profound journey, revealing the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is not merely a historical figure or a wise teacher; He is the eternal Word, the Light that overcomes darkness, and the embodiment of God's glory. Understanding the greatness of Jesus and His role in the world transforms lives, expands our perception of Him, and invites us into a deeper prayer life. Jesus offers us a life that is eternal and filled with His unfailing love and grace. If you're longing for light in the darkness or seeking a transformative encounter with the Word of God, Jesus Christ, He is ready to meet you and change your life forever.

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