Sunday, October 01, 2023

My backpacking gear list

Growing up in the mountains I started hiking as a little kid. I remember hiking with my mom on some amazing trails. One of my favorite was called Castle Rock. It was a hike where you ended up climbing this huge rock (huge to a 6 year old) and having a view of Big Bear Lake. As a seventeen year old I remember picking up PCT hitchhikers who needed a ride to town. I always dreamed of hiking that trail and maybe one day I will. 

When I was in my twenties I started backpacking. I went to Costa Rica on a trip to build suspending rope bridges for the locals could cross the rivers in the rain forest. It was an amazing trip. Ask me about it one day! Then I did a week in Death Valley and loved it. Sleeping under the stars. Cowboy camping and connecting with God. It was what my soul needed. 

I didn't backpack for a while but have gotten back into it in the last couple of years. I've taken both my daughters to the top of Half Dome and gone backpacking with my son. Sometimes, in my YouTube videos, people ask about my gear.

Here is some of my current gear load out: 

Shadowlight 60L-  

Nemo Tensor- 

Fortuis 1p Tent- 

Stormloft Down Topquilt- 

MSR PocketRocket- 

Toaks 750ml Pot- 

Hiking Shirt- 

Bear Vault- 

Insulated Backpacking Meal Cozy- 

Nitecore NU25- 

Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag Liner-

Katedyn Filter- 

Peak Refuel Meals- 


Tiny Pump- 


Trekking Poles- 

Shot on GoPro Hero 8-  

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