Friday, April 11, 2008

Off to Florence

On Monday morning we got up and caught a train into Florence. From there we headed to a small medieval town called: San Gimignamo. This town was super cool. It was a good stop on our trip. We have both been going so much and really caught some down time there. We had no internet in the town and basically just went to the supermarket to get meals. The first day we walked down the main street (thats all there really was) and checked it out. The next day we chilled some more and really got some relax time in. The town has a bunch of towers there and I went into one (charity is too pregnant to walk up the stairs now). The towers were once used to pour boiling oil on anyone who attacked the town!!!
The next day (Wed) we headed into Pisa. That tower is amazing. We were both not too sure what to expect but it was great. The town was so amazing and we both just loved it!
On Thursday we headed into Florence to check out the David. I didnt realize how big it was. The statue is about twice the size I expected. We walked around, saw an amazing church, walked around, did some shopping and then headed back to our little town.

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