Saturday, April 05, 2008

Stressa/ Isola Pescadore

I have been meaning to get here so I can write all that we are seeing. On Thurs morning Charity and I caught the train from Sesto C and headed towards the Alps. We got off in Stressa. From there we walked down to Lake Magorrie (SP) and caught a boat over to Isola Pescadore. We had the most amazing hotel room in the world (Hotel Belvedere). You really have to stay there if you ever make it to Italy. I dont think we have ever been that spoiled. Our room over looked Lake Maggorie and we had this amazing terrace that we could chill on. We ate lunch at this little restaruant that Charity loved and had the best fish she ever ate!!! From there we took a boat to Isola Bella, it was pretty sweet. We had so much fun just exploring the Islands and getting some time together.
On Friday we planned to get up and get a car to go to Swiss. We got the boat over to Stressa and went to AVIS. My bad, I forgot my Drivers License and we got the shaft on the car. We ended up taking a Cable Car ride to Montaronee which was super sweet. We saw the Alps from the top and I threw some snowballs at Charity :)
The view from the top was so beautiful! We got back down to our Island. We decided that we really own it now! After that we headed home for some chill time. I got to read the Bible about Saul and Charity took a nap. Shes 19 weeks pregnant so she needed that.
Then this morning we caught a train to Venice!!! I will tell you more about that cause this place is sweet.

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