Friday, April 11, 2008

Venice Day Two

So we havent been around a comp for a while so here is what has happened. Our next day in Venice was great. We went out to an Island called Murano. This is the place where they hand blow a bunch of glass objects. We actually got to see a man make a horse out of glass, it was so crazy. Venice has been great. The water system is a new idea to both of us, they have no cars there at all.
Later in the day it started to sprinkle a bit so we headed to get a Gondola ride. This is what Chartiy has dreamed of doing like her whole life. We LOVED it. The ride was so amazing. We started on the Grand Canel and were able to take the back streets the rest of the way. Venice is so beautiful. We had a great kiss under the lovers brigde, cuddled close and saw something not everyone will get to see. Venice was great!

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