Saturday, April 05, 2008

Venice Day One

I normally dont Blog this much at all. I honestly only blog on random occasions but I feel that for this trip I really need to write this down so I wont forget it and its so amazing I want to share it with all.
Today we got to Venice by train. The transportation here is all by water. We got the youth pass (last time for me) that allows us to go all over. The Islands are not really that big. We got to our room (after wondering for a bit) and headed out to Saint Marks Square. The view was amazing. The Cathedrals here are all so rad. We had so much fun trying to kick the pigeons (maybe that was me) but I got one. We just got lost for the next 2 hours or so and wondered around.
We ended up finding the Rialto Bridge at just the right time, Sunset. We headed to that and it was amazing. We got some pics and then strolled the shops. The city began to close so we came home. I forgot to tell that I acutally wanted McDonalds for dinner and that is what we had.
Chao for now!

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