Monday, September 24, 2012

Our New Home

I have been wanting to put up a picture of our new house for the last month but life has been a little busy as we are landing in the Bay Area.

Most of you know but if you didn't hear we accepted a call to Central Peninsula Church in Foster City as the Campus Pastor.  We moved into our new place August 17th and are loving it!  The house (its actually a duplex but we only share a garage wall with our neighbors) is about half the size as our Vegas house.  Initially Charity and I looked at our house as a landing place and figured we would move after our year lease was up but that mentality has changed.

We love our little house!  It fits us perfect (minus the one bathroom).  We have a great front yard, amazing neighbors, live on a quiet street and its only 7 minutes from our church.  Thanks for all your prayers for our move! Come visit us!

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Calvin said...

It's a simple house, but it has everything you’d want in a home. The front yard looks very spacious! Also, it’s great that you have nice neighbors. That’s definitely going to make your life there much more pleasant. Nice job, Neal! :)