Monday, September 17, 2012

Confessions of a Pastor: August 2012

August 2012 is done and gone but my confession from that month is still very fresh in my mind.  I don't think that anyone would blame me for this confession or think I am a bad person but it is something that I am wrestling with.  See when I first gave my life to Christ I felt like I had some great times in prayer.  I would spend sweet time in the morning with God; sitting on the floor with my composition journal and writing out my prayers.  That pretty much continued into the first couple years of marriage but once we had children everything changed!  Sleep was done, quite mornings were done, and well... it just changed.  Now I am not saying the change it bad but it sets up the stage for my confession.

I feel like my prayer life revolves around praying for kids to sleep

There I said it!  Now let me give you an average night for me.

While putting the girls to bed
Jesus please let my kids fall asleep 
Before I head to bed
Jesus please let my girls sleep through the night 
In the middle of the night when they wake up
Jesus please let my girls fall back asleep (and me too)
Basically I am sick of praying prayers that revolve around sleep so I am resolving to prayer for their salvation.  Charity and I are praying for them to understand the truths of God.  I have prayed for their husbands one day (that is kinda hard).  I am praying for them to make great friends that would point them to Jesus and for them to meet friends that they can point to Jesus.  I am going to pray prayers that are more important to the grand scheme of things and less revolving around my personal comforts.

So if you hear me complain about my kids not sleeping please remind me about how blessed I am to have these beautiful little girls in my life!

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