Monday, September 03, 2012

Moving, a new house and other thoughts

We have officially been in the Bay Area for over two weeks now (and I haven't blogged once)!  The last couple weeks of our lives have been extremely busy.  On August 15th I finished up an almost eight year run of ministry at South Hills Church Community in Henderson, NV.  I have some great thoughts from that run of ministry that I will have to share in another post.

On August 16th I drove a 20 foot Uhaul to Foster City with all our house packed tightly in there with two the help of two great guys my Tundra made it safe and sound.  We were able to move in very smoothly thanks to the help of a handful of guys up here (I have no clue how people do life without a church family).

Shortly after moving in we went to "look" at the local SPCA for a suitable dog for our family.  I had promised Sophie that once I finished seminary we would get a dog.  Our hope was to find a medium sized dog that was between 6-18 months.  We walked all around the SPCA and most of the dogs were not able to be adopted to a family with young children.  Getting a little discouraged we turned the corner to find a litter of Chihuahua puppies.  Now Chihuahua was the last dog on my list but there was a cute little girl that grabbed the hearts of all our family.  We actually left to think about it and ending up coming back a few hours later to pick up Candy.  Candy really is the perfect dog for our little girls but she is also like having another child!

The following day I started my new role as the Foster City Campus Pastor at Central Peninsula Church.    The first couple days were a whirlwind filled with meetings, getting my office ready, more meetings, lots of coffee and some more meetings.  We officially introduced me to our church on Sunday August 26th and that was amazing.  My pastor, Mark Mitchell, prayed for me in all three services and I left feeling very encouraged and very humbled that God has chosen me to fill this role.

As always I appreciate your prayers and will do my best to blog more to keep you in the loop of what God is doing in our lives!

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