Monday, January 21, 2013

Expository Preaching

I'm learning a new style of preaching... I think (I say I think because I am doing my best to learn)

See I kinda think that when I first started preaching I used this style of preaching coming from a Calvary Chapel background but I never had the help that I am getting now.

Most of my years of preaching I did that majority of the research, preparation, sermon development and delivered the message.  When I first started preaching on a regular basis (at Hope Church) my pastor gave me a stack of CD's from Rick Warren on how to CRAFT a message.  That was very helpful in my initial years of preaching.  I think that I used that style for many years.

About two and a half years ago I took a class in seminary that rocked me.  See I thought I was a pretty good preacher... until I took a preaching class.  The bummer is that for years I had been preaching and NEVER took a preaching class.  Rod Casey was a great, gentle, understandable pastor who taught me how to preach better.  He taught me how to preach effective messages for life change.  In fact we worked through an Andy Stanley book call "Communicating for a Change" and I think that helped me communicate more clearly.

For the last five months I have been using a preaching style called "Expository Preaching".  The word expository is an adjective that means:
Explanatory, descriptive, describing, explicatory, explicative, interpretative, exegetical. 
I'm going to pretend that I fully know what I am talking about but what I am thankful for is a pastor who is helping me develop my speaking ability.  Over the last couple months I have had an opportunity to preach to our church a few times and that has been really cool.  After my preaching my pastor has taken the time to help me develop into a better expositor as I learn how to preach better! 

What is your preaching style? 

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