Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Years Goals

Like most people I make some goals for the New Year.  I wouldn't say I spend an obsessive amount of time on them and probably could do better with them.  I don't like to call them resolutions because I like to have goals.

For example one of my goals is the opposite of most Americans.  I actually avoid the gym for the month of January.  Yep, I avoid the gym.  I avoid the gym for the first month while everyone is on their "get healthy" plan then once the month is over I return to the gym to find it peaceful like always!

This year I kept my goals pretty simple.  I am not sharing my ministry goals because I haven't worked on those yet (I've prayed for wisdom but feel like I am still learning so much so that will most likely be my goal).

Goal #1
Read the Bible from cover to cover
This isn't a new goal for me.  Since becoming a Christian I have had a strong desire to read, and understand, God's word.  In a men's small group I had a man challenge me to start reading the Bible on a daily basis and that has turned into me reading the Bible on a yearly basis for about the last 9 years.

Goal #2
Utilize the "Parent Cue" app from Orange.
Our church has been using the Think Orange curriculum in our Children's Ministry and I have this app on my phone.  The bummer is I paid for it and NEVER use it.  That is changing this year.  I feel like I need to know what we are encouraging families to use and I want to see how this app works.  I also want my kids to grow spiritually so its a win win!

Goal #3
Stop drinking Soda
This one may be tough!  I love me a good soda pop.  I don't drink caffeine so my soda options are limited but this one will be tough for me.  Not totally sure why I am doing this but its been on my mind for a while.  One of my former students, Jacob Dunne, actually has inspired me on this one.  I love his dedication to not drinking soda and I think it will be a little healthier for my life.

What are your goals for the New Year?

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