Monday, February 06, 2017

Traveling to Israel

Yesterday Charity dropped me off at the airport. Our group met and we began our journey to Israel. The first flight was a long haul (almost 13 hours). It was direct from San Francisco to Istanbul. Rob Hall and I sat next to each other. We ate food, watched movies, talked and enjoyed the flight.

We left San Francisco around 6pm and landed in Istanbul around 6pm the following day. We had a fairly quick layover in Istanbul. There was no time to leave the airport before our next flight. Flying into Istanbul you can see it's a large city. I was impressed with what I saw and would have loved to adventure around! 

I'm writing this on the flight to Israel. It's dark outside and I think we'll be landing in approximately 30 mins. I've heard that the security in Israel is intense. I'm about to find out. The flight attendant just asked me to put my phone away, we're nearing our landing. 

Ok, the plane just touched down in Tel Aviv. The thought crossed my mind that this is my first visit to the Middle East. I'm thrilled to be here! 

My goal is to share my experience with you via my website. It will let us experience the trip alongside each other and help me write down all I'm learning here! 

I'll be posting different pictures here than I'm posting on Instagram. 

I also have my GoPro and I'll try to upload some footage. 

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