Wednesday, January 13, 2021

16 thoughts on 16 years of marriage

Last week Charity and I celebrated 16 years of marriage. It was a pretty surreal experience. We were able to get a hotel room in the same place we celebrated our honeymoon in San Diego. We stayed at the Hotel del Coronado. Coronado Island has many great memories for us. It’s the first place we celebrated a Valentine’s Day. We would visit the beach there. We loved to walk downtown there.

On the drive to San Diego we talked about some of the highlights and hard times in our marriage. We talked about supporting each other during school, having kids, vacationing, making marriage a priority, and much more. 

When we returned home it prompted me to write this post. I’m not going to expand on each point but if you’d like to talk about them let me know: 

1. Our marriage is stronger because we’ve chosen to seek God first
2. Listen to your spouse 
3. Over-communicate on anything and everything 
4. Make dating your spouse a priority 
5. We’ve chosen to make vacations/adventures a priority 
6. Lots of couples fight over money and it’s not worth fighting over 
7. Life is well spent eating sushi together 
8. If you’re spouse is interested in it, find a way to be interested 
9. Don’t neglect your sex life, make that a high priority 
10. Look for ways to bless your spouse (don’t be selfish) 
11. Find creative ways to surprise your spouse with things he/she will love
12. Take lots of pictures, you will want to look back on them later 
13. Focus on a healthy marriage, not a perfect marriage
14. There are times to listen and times to offer advice 
15. Pray for each other and together; you can never have enough prayer
16. Make sure to tell your wife that she is beautiful every time you think it; she can’t read your mind 

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