Thursday, November 27, 2008

From the 805

That is the area code in Santa Maria, CA where Charity's parents live!
We got into town on Tuesday making the 6 hour drive in 8 hours. We decided that was not too bad considering that Sophie only cried for like 30 min of that. She did really good. She slept the first part and then was over the car seat the second half.
Here are some pics of the trip so far
We went to this place just south of Pismo Beach where these monarchs come and land every year. I guess we got there about a month early, so there weren't as many as we thought, but it was still so cool to get see them!!!

Here is Sophie's first look at the Ocean... ok, maybe she didn't really get to see the Ocean, but I imagine that she knew it was there.

Sophie got this really cool deal that she sits in and I have to put this pic up cause I am fascinated with it!


Salazar Family said...

aren't the bumbo seats the greatest?! moriah loves hers too!

Sarah said...

All Sophie needs now is some stunner shades like her parents