Monday, November 03, 2008


That is usually the answer that I give people lately when they ask how I am doing (and I'm sick of it). I am feeling pretty bummed today. I feel slammed with school, work, ministry, and not being there for the family because of all this.
I had a great talk with a man I really respect, Rob Hall. I was asking him about school. I have been feeling pretty anxious about getting my degree done. On the other hand I have been convicted and asking myself: "Am I more concerned about the degree or the education?" The degree will be worth it, but the education will help me through life. I think this has just been one of those crazy weeks and this is me being honest.
Here are some things that I want to do this week:
  • Leave the office on time
  • Hold Sophie more
  • Be on time for dinner
  • Commit to being positive and not let this all get at me
  • Spend quality time with God; especially reading my Bible
  • Focus on what matters most
Thanks for praying for our family and this new stage of life for us!

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