Saturday, December 06, 2008

Strip Church

Yep, you read that right. About 3 months ago I met a guy named Brandon Piety from at church and we just got talking. I found out that he is part of a team that moved here from Grand Rapids to start something called Strip Church. This excited me! I was glad that someone was ready to tackle this whole deal with porn head on. Brandon and I started hanging out and I love spending time with him. I remember telling my mom about him and what he is doing here. Her response was so rad, I think she said something like: "WOW, that is a hard job! I will make sure I pray for them everyday" in her concerned mom voice.
About 2 weeks ago Charity and I went to the intro night when the team talked about Strip Church. I am so fired up for what these guys are doing and their passion to reach people in this city. The story got some great press and was even on Night Line. Somehow my face made it on National Television:Here is the link where the video is. After seeing me on there Charity said: "They showed that on National TV! Neal Benson". I didn't do anything bad, just being Neal. You gotta take 7 min and watch this.