Friday, March 06, 2009

Bringing Balance Back to My Life

Today, as I left the office late again, I began to ask myself about the pace of life that I am going at right now…
If you are like me you are busy!
• I am 29 years old
• Have a beautiful wife
• An amazing 6 months old baby girl
• I am in full time ministry
• I have to walk my dog
• In seminary full time
• Lead a small group of high school boys
• Run missions at my church
• Have two weddings this month
• Like to snowboard
• Love to eat
• Need a vacation (hopefully to somewhere tropical)
• And need to take my dog for a walk

Now I am sure we can all compile a list like this but today as I was thinking about it and going through all that I need to do spending time with Jesus was last on my list. (pause) That killed me.
These are the next questions that came to mind:
• Am I modeling this to my kids?
• Does my wife read her Bible more than me?
• Why cant I get out of bed in the morning?
• Can I sustain this pace of life?
• When was the last time I went to the gym?

I need balance in my life and I am the only one who is going to do that. My job will get the most they can out of me. My dog will always want to go on a walk, but I need to spend time with Jesus not just because I want my daughter to see and model that but because I need it! I was created to be in an intimate relationship with God and when I neglect that it shows in my daily actions.
Today I am going to make a commitment to spend more time with God and less time on things that don’t matter (really, do I NEED to update twitter again?). I want my life to be connected to God in such a way that all I do is for Him. That means cutting things out and bringing balance back. Our life is like a garden and if it gets neglected weeds are going to grow and choke out the beautiful plants. Today I am going to kill some weeds so I can focus on the good things.

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