Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PDYM Tuesday Night: Session One

Night one is coming to a wrap and I have to say that it was amazing! We started out with some grub outside in beautiful So Cal weather. Then moved into The Refinery to the auditorium; where HS meets. The night was amazing and I have to say that I wish I took better notes. The opening song by the HS team was so sick! They had this 7th grade boy sing some song by "Cold Play" (I am not good at music).
After that about 15 people came up and shared why they are in youth ministry; very refreshing for me to hear (I'll try to find all the list on that).

I thought it would be interesting to post the list I was working on to try to post before the conference:
Here are five things that I am most excited about the conference this year
1) Getting to connect with like-minded youth workers
2) Spending some time away from "the ministry" to get refreshed
3) Having dinner at The Reed's house on Wednesday night (kinda forcing that one on them)
4) Staying at Danny Bower's house and having good friends to decompress with
5) Learning how to better serve students and reach them for Christ

Here are five things that I am not excited about:
1) I packed myself; that means I forgot all the necessary items to live
2) My wife and daughter are at home without me and I miss them (actually cried already)
3) Honestly I hate eating out all the time; it makes me feel sluggish
4) I have to leave early (I am excited that I am doing Greg and Richelle's though)
5) When it ends; I bet this is how our students feel when camp is over

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