Friday, April 24, 2009

Final Paper

Today I turned in my final paper for "Life Long Learning" at Tozer Theological Seminary. I have been taking classes here in in town at Fuller Theological Seminary for the last three years and just have made the switch to Tozer (actually I have one more class that I am finishing at Fuller right now).
Today is freeing; having turned in that paper and been able to get that done was freeing. I only have one class that I'm working on right now (Psalms) and its pretty gnarly. Seminary has been a good learning experience but right now it has been tough. I miss the time that Charity and I used to laugh and now having Sophie it had set in that I need to finish. I think that having Sophie has light a fuse on some internal clock that makes me want to complete my education so I can spend more time with my family.
This change for me means something big. After I finish Psalms I will be over half way done with my degree! I have thirteen more classes left and it seems surreal... This summer we will be traveling to Redding for two weeks to do classes.
Please pray for me as I figure out summer classes and finish up Psalms.