Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Drive

Today I made the drive from Vegas to Redding, CA (I haven't done a long car drive like that in about 10 years).  I left home at about 8:15am and chose to drive the 95 North to Reno.  I ate some Burger King in Tonopah and I'm pretty sure it gave me bad gas.  So about an hour outside of Tonopah I was heading down a grade and saw a long line of cars.  At the end of the line I saw a car pull over and wasn't sure if he was ok.  When I saw the lights come on I knew that he wanted to talk with me; yep I got my first speeding ticket in 11 years.  I was kinda bummed but I was going 82 in a 70 and made a dumb choice to not follow the rules.

I headed on from there and went to Reno.  The sad thing about that drive is the brothel's on the side of the road.  Being that I was driving alone I had a bunch of time to think about the hurt that those ladies face and what has caused them to end up in that situation.  I think being a dad of daughters it just broke my heart to think about women living in that situation.

So I continued my trek and had dinner in a little town called "Susanville" and got some more gas.  From there I drove through Lassen National Park and it was SO beautiful.  I rolled my window down and just smelled the amazing air and looked the trees.  I pulled over to see Mount Lassen and it totally covered in snow!  I passed a little creek called "Hat Creek" that I used to fish with my dad when I was a little kid.

So I finally made it to Redding and I'm staying with some amazing Friends up here; Matt and Kendall Klutz, for the two weeks I'm up here in Seminary.  I'm going to miss my girls but I'm excited to be up here and excited for what God wants to do in my life!

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