Friday, June 25, 2010

Growing Through School

So far I have posted a few blogs about school and how that has been going.  I am currently attending Tozer Seminary in Redding, CA and the last two weeks of class have been pretty amazing for me.  When I get home and am able to process through all I have learned, what has challenged my thinking and the material I enjoyed I think I'll write a summer school wrap up blog but today is about what I've been learning in my "Exploring Science and Scripture".

The first day of class was pretty interesting for me because my prof, Dr. Hugh Ross, starting talking about some ideas of creation that are new to me... that were different for me... that were interesting for me... that rocked me... that were hard to grasp at first... that shook the thoughts I had in my mind already.  Dr. Ross presented ideas about creation that I had never thought about and, honestly, had disregarded as stupid made up lies that didn't seem possible.

Well as I began thinking more about God in creation and what Dr. Ross was presenting it became evident to me that if God wanted the universe to be 13.73 billion years old He can do that.  If God wants the universe to be 6,000-10,000 years old He can do that also.  See Dr. Ross has his Ph. D in Astrophysics (that means he is much smarter than I am) and he has a cool thing about him; he has Aspergers which allows him to focus on a subject and topic and learn as much as possible about that topic.  It is evident that Dr. Ross has done his research and knows what he is talking about!

I could share all the info that Dr. Ross gave to me and write some big words that really don't make sense but the best line that I am going to leave this class with goes something like this "The issue of Young Earth or Old Earth creation has no bearing on salvation".  That line is freeing for me.  You may hold to one of those positions or none at all but either way salvation is not contingent on them; salvation is found in Jesus Christ and that is what we need to share.

I'm not sure this accurately shares what I am learning here but this is one way I am growing through school.

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