Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spiritual Refreshment

Tonight was weird

Tonight I didn't go to Explode.  Not because I was on vacation, or taking another class for seminary.  I wasn't out of town for a conference or for a wedding.  Tonight I missed Explode because I am taking three weeks off for spiritual refreshment.  Its hard to believe but 5 years and 357 days ago I moved out to Vegas to serve at South Hills Church.

This month I went to my pastor and asked for some time off for spiritual refreshment.  I knew it wasn't the best time for me to take my sabbatical but I knew that I was getting close to being spiritual depleted.  I know in some churches I could have shared that and it could have gone much different; and I am very thankful for my church and for them caring about my spiritual health.

I am taking some time to connect with God, read, pray, get away, and spend more time with my family.  Its kinda weird because I am so used to serving and leading weekly.  I am so used to being with our students, leaders and staff.  Its weird but I am thankful to get some time to get refreshed and seek God more this month.  Thanks for giving me some time off to seek Jesus!

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