Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Years Day Tradition

Our family has a New Years Eve and New Years Day Tradition!

The last two years we have hit up CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) on New Years Eve to just celebrate all that God has provided for us.  The following morning we decided to add to the tradition by heading to Mount Charleston to take the girls to play in the snow.  Now this is kinda weird for me because I grew up in Big Bear Lake and was around snow the first nineteen years of my life.  We have taken Sophie to winter camp the last two years and today was Leah's first time seeing the snow!

Mount Charleston is about an hour from our house and was about twenty-four degrees when we got there around 11am.  We parked and headed over to a small meadow that was covered in snow near a small sled area.  All Sophie talked about was building "Daddy Snowmen, Mommy Snowmen and Baby Snowmen".  So after trekking through knee deep powder we made some snow men!  The snow was very dry but we did it!

After making our snowmen I took Sophie sledding first.  She really loved it and then said she wanted to go to the top of the hill.  I took her a bit further up but when we got down she said: "I wanna go bye bye"  I think it scared her some.  We ended up staying there for a little while longer and I took Leah sledding; she loved it!  The line of the day was when Sophie was eating snow and said: "I love snow" with a huge smile.

The tradition made me very thankful for my family, all we have, and just having fun together!  Check out this video of Leah's first sled ride.

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Unknown said...

What a lovely Story! Reminds me of the time I took my children to the Resort on Mt Charleston. We had so much fun =)