Monday, January 30, 2012

Old Friends...

Old friends tend to the best friends.

They know all your junk and still love you.  They go eat breakfast with you when you are back in your hometown and its never awkward.  You can sit with them and laugh.  They know where you live and they love to spend time with you!

(Conrad, Neal, Bobby and Peanut)
These are just a few thoughts that have been running in my mind since my last Big Bear trip a few weeks ago to celebrate the life of a dear friend.  While I was in town in was super tough to be there, under the circumstances, but really good to see a bunch of my old friends.  A handful of us went out to breakfast one day and it was so good, for me, to just spend time with these that I love!  There are a few other guys that I would have loved to have in this picture with us but I am so thankful for these guys in my life.

If you hear me preach a sermon and talk about the stupid things I did when I was younger it was probably with at least one of these guys!  We did a whole bunch of crazy things.  As I look back on life I can say that I regret a bunch of what I did but I would never change what I did.  My past has shaped me into the man I  currently am and for that I am thankful for Old Friends in my life!  I love you guys!

(Andy, Bobby, Conrad, Jason and Neal)

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