Thursday, September 24, 2020

Coastline Staff Values

About two years ago I began working on staff values for Coastline. In a normal situation I wouldn't post them online, it would remain and internal document. But with all the changes happening in the church world right now it seemed like the right time to post them.

Now, I can't take full credit for these. First, I started a list but needed help processing my thoughts. I'm grateful for my friend Rob Hall who shared a similar document with me and I borrowed from him. After talking these through with trusted ministry partners I brought them to our staff. I knew that our team would do an infinitely better job on these together than I could alone. In other words, these wouldn't be what they are without the staff of Coastline Bible Church. Thanks for the help! 

Coastline Staff Values

1) Leadership Matters- As leaders we must first lead ourselves. In doing so we will earn the right to lead others. We work hard at leading ourselves and developing leaders for the future. It might take longer to develop a leader, but in the long run this is what we are called to.

2) We give our best- We will do the best with the resources we have to advance the kingdom. Never settle for mediocrity knowing we serve a great God. We regularly strive to get 1% better every week.

3) We greet each other- We believe that everyone wants to be known and loved. When you walk into a room, greet those in the room. It is important to our mission to acknowledge each other and be known as we seek to advance the Kingdom.

4) Intimacy with God- Our work and mission happen when we pursue God. We are not professional but servants of The Lord. We make our relationship with God a high priority. We focus on a growing walk with Jesus

5) Health Matters- Unity is vital to our mission. A healthy staff culture will not magically happen, knowing that we will work hard to create a healthy staff culture. We will work hard to build a team that trusts, honors, and respects each other. We will engage in healthy conflict as needed and work hard for a health team.

6) Over Communicate- Make sure to listen to others and not just hear them. Don’t enter a conversation and simply wait for a person to stop talking so you can prove your point. Also make sure to say the last 10% when appropriate.

7) Risk is part of the job- Life is a lesson, learn from it. Take appropriate risks for Kingdom expansion. In most cases failure is not detrimental. When we make mistakes it can be our greatest learning lesson. Learn from your mistakes and allow them to teach you & others that you lead.

8) Family First- We will never ask, or expect, you to sacrifice your family on the altar of ministry. Your personal health flows from a healthy you. If you are single we want you to have space for friendships, community & safe places. If you have a family we want your family to love you and where you work. When those closest to us feel loved, valued, and important we will have our greatest moments of ministry.

9) Be a shepherd- We are called to care for people and it’s a high responsibility. People trust us with their most important moments of life. Don’t take the attitude of a hireling and bail at critical moments. Don’t use people to complete projects but pastor people for our common mission & vision. Strive to help them grow in their personal walk with Jesus and empower the saints for the ministry. 

10) Have Fun- We take God serious and not ourselves. Fun is a vital part of the workplace. We work hard, honor others, and have fun while doing so. 

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