Monday, December 07, 2020

9 Ingredient Top Ramen

This is not a food blog, I'm just a guy who knows how to eat Top Ramen! For years I've been doctoring up my Top Ramen. Don't get me wrong, I started like many of you. I boiled the noodles, put the seasoning in the water, and thought I was done. I'm not sure how it started, who prompted it, or where it came from but it's turned into a game to see how many ingredients I can add to my Top Ramen. 

This weekend I made my latest rendition of my favorite winter soup (when I only have 15 mins and I'm hungry). 

Use some common sense in following my directions:
Boil water

While the water is boiling, use this time to cut some celery and carrots. The best way for the carrots is to peel them so they cook quicker. If you have an onion around, this is a good time to add some of that to your healthy vegetable pile. 

Once the water is boiling:
Add Top Ramen

While that is going on, get a bowl on the counter and add the following: 
Top Ramen Season Packet
Slice of butter
Tabasco (I do about 10-11 hits on the bottle)

About this time your noodles are close to ready. This is important: you need to get out any excess water that won't fit in your bowl. Once you've done that you can move on to being a master chef: 
Crack egg into boiling noodles with water and stir. This is kind of like egg drop soup! 
In about 30 seconds you can add your vegetables to the soup. 

At this point I give it enough time to help my kids get a drink (maybe a minute). Then I pour the entire contents of the pot on the stove in to the  bowl on the counter. If you get some hot water in the bowl first, you can stir in the seasoning packet (it's easier now). Then let it all go in the bowl and stir. 

Now, you get some cheese and break it up on top! Oh ya, cheesy goodness! 


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