Thursday, February 03, 2022

Trusting Jesus Fully 

About five years ago I was really struggling with trusting God. Saying it out loud makes it sound so petty. I ended up meeting with a life coach. I shared my heart with him. At one point I said: “I think I just need to trust Jesus more.” That was my motto in life. Work harder, stay up later, study more, stay later than everyone else and I will figure it out by sheer grit. I thought the life coach would congratulate me. He paused and said, “You don’t need to trust God more, you need to trust God fully.” I was speechless. He said what Jesus had been telling me for years.

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Nocents said...

Amen Brother!! We all struggle with this!! The moment we allow Satan to convince us that our decisions are necessary, apart from God, is the moment we are not fully trusting God!