Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Angel Tattoo: Right Arm

So I've continued the half sleeve on my right arm.  The Angel is actually supposed to be the the first part of the half sleeve but the praying hands just kinda happened first.  Just over two weeks ago I went to my tattoo artist and got this:
(The tattoo is not finished; it still needs to be shaded in)

Now I know that many thoughts tend to go through people's minds when they see tattoo's and I totally understand that I am a pastor who has a number of tattoos.  I was talking with my tattoo artist about that and he told me that people don't believe him when he says that he tattoos a pastor (my tattoo artist is the coolest guy).

That is mostly a side note to the meaning behind this tattoo.  All my tattoo's have a story behind them or some meaning for me getting them.  I typically think about a tattoo for over a year before I go and get it (I have one that I have been thinking about for 8 years; they are permanent!)

The story behind this one comes from the account in Daniel 10:12-15 where Michael, one of the angels, helps the man who is speaking to Daniel.  I don't believe in praying to angels but I do see from this account that angles will work on our behalf.

I think the bottom line on this tattoo is that it is a reminder for me to pray.  I don't know about you but I am very prone to wonder and go my own way.  This tattoo is a reminder to me, daily, that prayer works and that I need to be in prayer.  If you notice on the angels leg there is a demon who is trying to bring him down; there are things in life that will try to bring us down but I find when I am connected to God in prayer life seems to be a little bit more comfortable and easy to bear.

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Unknown said...

I know my prayer life could always be better. And i couldn't agree with you more about when we wonder and go our own way. Whether its being tied up in 12 bikes and 3 jet skies in the garage or even day to day wants and desires. Its easy for me to get distracted. I know how the Bible speaks about our body being a temple. But if the tat works to help your prayer life, then sport it bro!