Monday, April 26, 2010

Why We Baptize People

(Ally Davis getting ready to be baptized)
This month has been super cool around South Hills Church with all the baptisms that we have done.  I see God's hand moving in the life, and people, of our church.  I see people unwilling to settle for average and desiring more of God!  I'm not sure what has caused the total increase in baptisms around here but I do have some thoughts that have been stirring in my mind:

1) I am proud to be a part of a church that baptizes 
When we baptize people it tells me that life change is happening in the person; it also tells me that people are giving their lives to Christ!  When I read the Bible I see that baptism is something that always follows conversion; the person surrendering their life to Christ. 

2) Jesus commands us to be baptized 
When Jesus was preparing to return to heaven He leaves us, the church, with a pretty heavy job description.  Its not a four page job description with hours that we have to work; but its a good reminder of what we need to do as Christians.  Go read Matthew 28:18-20 for that command of Jesus.  There is a reason its called "The Great Commission" and not "The Great Suggestion".

3) We baptize using immersion
I have taken 5 quarters of Greek now (which means I'm good enough to get by; kinda like my Spanish) and when I read in the Greek I keep seeing this word "baptizo" for baptism.  Baptizo means a baptism by immersion; that is why we use the pool to baptize people.  Now, lets say that someone is in the hospital and has given their life to Christ and would like to be baptized.  We would baptize that person with water but not having the ability for full immersion would be suitable for the situation. 

(After being baptized)
4) When someone gets baptized they are saying "I'm changing for Jesus"
This weekend we baptized a handful of high school students and one of them, Ally Davis, shared with me a few days before she was baptized that she needed to do because this was her next step in her walk with Christ.  I love it when people are convicted by the Holy Spirit and then obey that conviction which leads to life change.

Here are just a few thoughts on baptism and why I am glad to be a part of a church that baptizes!

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