Saturday, April 03, 2010

Why Easter is so Important

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Now when I was a kid Easter was all about getting dressed up in a little suit that was fairly uncomfortable, going to Sunrise Service with my mom and then eating candy. My sister and I would find the eggs, then re-hide the eggs, then hide them again until they were pretty much uneatable.
(Proof of the uncomfortable suit)
So now that I am a man and have my own family I need to figure out what about Easter is going to be important to us.

Will we wake up early to go to church? Probably not
Will we hide eggs and eat candy? I am sure of it
Will we invite our neighbors to Church tomorrow? You bet!

We're going to do these things because they are important; yes it is important to eat candy (someone has to keep the dentist in business). This Sunday, tomorrow April 4th, I'm teaching at Church about the resurrection of Christ. The more I'm studying this topic from 1 Corinthians 15 I am seeing the need to make sure I live daily for the resurrection.

This Easter Sunday will be extremely important for my family because I want to live for the resurrection and it helps me to do that with a group of people that I love and want to do life with. Now maybe you have that group of people in your life already; please keep going to that church and dive into that. If you don't already have it will you find a place where you learn about God in a way that makes sense to you and challenges you to grow?

Easter is important for so many reasons, more than I can share in this quick post. If you need a place to go on Easter I hope to see you at South Hills Sunday April 4th @ 9am or 11am!

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