Friday, February 18, 2011

10 Days with the Verizon iPhone

Originally I wanted to title this post: "7 days with the Verizon iPhone" but I had seminary all week so I am stretching it out a few more days.  Now just to make it clear; I am no tech review guy; I am just a normal guy who has waited for Verizon to finally get the iPhone.  There was one point we mentioned going to AT&T but I just couldn't see going to a lesser network for a better phone.

On February 3rd 2011 I was one of the millions of people who ordered the Verizon iPhone.  Not only did I order one for myself but I also ordered one for my wife.  Now I didn't get on at 3am in the morning but I did order them around 7am.  When I ordered them I was under the impression that they would not be mailed out until February 10th.  I figured we would get them right after I left for school and then I would have to wait a week to use it; but that didn't happen.  I got a tracking number the next day telling me my iPhone was on its way!

So after having the Verizon iPhone here are some of my thoughts:

Set-up: The set-up of these phones was super easy.  We just plugged them into our Macbooks and boom! It set it all up for me.

Battery LIfe:  This is something that is important for my life.  I have been up all day today.  I was in class.  I checked email, texted people, checked email, played a game, checked in for my flight, called my wife and even did some FaceTime with her.  I still have over 50% of my battery.

FaceTime: I love FaceTime.  Its great to be able to talk to my family face to face while I am away at work or out of town.  Its nice to be able to call them up and see how they are doing.  The bummer on this is that you have to be connected to WI-FI to make it happen.

Apps: I am not that huge of an app guy.  I actually had a student I work with grab my phone and flip through it.  I could see she was disappointed at my lack of apps.  I do have apps that work for me.  I have Twitter, Southwest Airlines, some games and then a few more apps.  I am satisfied with the apps and how they work.

Calls: The reason I didn't get the AT&T iPhone is due to the massive issue of dropped calls.  I have to say that I have not dropped one call.  This phone has great reception.  There was one instance where I had mediocre service but I could still hear just fine.

Camera: The camera on this phone is so rad!  All the pics on this post are from the camera on here.  It has great picture quality and the video capability is top notch also.  If you want to see video quality, I posted a video here on youtube.

Email/Calendar: I am weird on this.  I want my gmail but I don't want my work email.  I want my work calendar but I don't want my gmail calendar.  I can have all that.  It was very easy to set up to get my personal email but not my personal calendar.  I set up my work calendar but told it not to sync work email.  Very easy!

Overall: I love the phone!  I am one of the many Verizon customers that didn't switch and I am very thankful for that choice.  I am glad that I waited for the iPhone to come to me.  Overall I am a satisfied customer.

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