Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love Story Overview

Last night we finished up teaching our "Love Story" series.  We are like most student ministry programs take the month of February to teach about love or purity; this year it fell on love for us.  The main goal that I wanted to communicate through this teaching series was to look at the different aspects of Love that we encounter in society.  We decided that the best way to do this would be to start out by looking at how God loves us and cares for us; that seemed to simple so I took it one step further.

Here is how the series broke out:

Week 1: The Joy of Being Loved
This week instead of talking about love and being kind of generic; I chose to talk about finding our identity in Christ.  The main point from the night was "Through forgiveness and acceptance I begin to find my true identity in Christ".  This point came from teaching about the sinful woman who fell at the feet of Jesus crying and found out how loved she was by Jesus.

Week 2: Protecting the Goldfish
I started off this week sharing my story of failure in my sexual purity and how I made one really bad choice that lead to other bad choices in my life.  Talked about how King David made one really bad choice and how that lead to other bad choices in his life; how sin tends to take us downward in a spiral.  I ended the message with an illustration about how the world is like a blender and we are a goldfish.

Week 3: Life is about Who you Love
This was a super cool message because one of our adult leaders taught the night while I was away at seminary.  Mikey McComb shared from 1st John about love and how we need to engage culture by loving it.  Mikey brought it that night and talked about how our love needs to flow from God.

Week 4: The Difference Between Pink and Blue
The last week of the message series had to be my favorite week for a few reasons.  One of our graduated students came home and has joined our Adult Leader Team.  She jumped in for this message and we team taught the message sharing about differences that guys and girls face but how we are all called to seek out God.

Overall, I was very impressed with the series and how it turned out.  For week two of the series our student leaders took the time to deck out our room and created an amazing environment for students.  We did what we call "Invite Night" and the room was packed; it felt good!  Better than all the students was seeing our students take their time to reach out to their friends.  Watch this video to see a quick overview of the night.

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