Sunday, February 20, 2011

Top 10 things to do in Vegas

This week I was catching a flight home and found myself talking with those around me about what to do in Vegas.  Since we have lived here for the last six years I decided to come up with this list of my top ten things to do while you are in Vegas.

1. Fountains at Bellagio
This has to be my favorite thing that Charity and I do here in town.  Its free so all you have to do is get down to the strip!  We always park Valet and just tip the guys a few bucks when we pick up our car.  The fountains run regularly every 15 minutes.  They play various songs and I have noticed that over the years they keep adding songs to the list. Cost= Free

2. Jean Philippe Cafe
While you are down on the strip and heading to the fountains, make a stop inside the Bellagio.  Charity and I like to go in there and share a crape.  We usually get one with nutella and raspberries on top.  This is a must while you are in town and in love! Cost= $15

3. The Shark Reef
If you have an hour or so to kill and want to just relax a take a stroll while looking at some super cool fish then stop in at the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay.  We have gone here with friends, family and I loved it when we took our daughter.  The experience is not too long but its a great thing to get away from the slots while you are here.  Cost= $15 per person

4. Viva Elvis
We have seen about five shows since we moved here and this one was my favorite that we have seen.  Now don't get me wrong; KA, Celine Dion, and Blue Man Group (close second) are amazing but this was my favorite.  Viva Elvis combines dance, music and some sweet acrobatics into a tantalizing show.  Cost= Depends where you sit

5. Mona Mi Gabi
This is the restaurant that is directly under the Eiffel Tower at the Paris.  You can get reservations but don't.  If the weather is nice you want to sit on the patio.  The patio is on the strip and you sit directly across from the Fountains at Bellagio.  The food is great but not too expensive.  This is a great date for a couple that wants to have fun but not break the bank.  Cost= $60 for a couple

6. Indoor Skydiving
Its technically called: "Vegas Indoor Skydiving". This is pretty random on the list but I loved it!  I have been once and would love to go more often.  Its kinda like skydiving but less expensive.  Its a trill, something you will never forget, close to your hotel and not super expensive. Cost= $70 per person

7. Secret Garden at The Mirage
The Secret Garden at the Mirage is a cool exhibit that Charity and I visited about 4 years ago.  They have dolphins, tigers, and many other animals to look at.  The cost was worth the visit but I don't think that it is worth a re-visit that often.  I still want to take my daughters there.  Cost $15 per person

8. Visit Lake Mead
Lake Mead is slowly depleting but it remains one of my favorite attractions in Las Vegas.  While you are there you can hit the Hoover Dam tour, rent a boat, take out Jet Ski's, or catch a meal on a river boat. I personally like to bring a loaf of bread out there and just feed the fish and ducks with my family.  Cost= $5 per car

9. Canal Ride at Venetian
Maybe you don't have the time, or money, to head over to Venice and take ride on a Gondola but you can do that here in Vegas!  Head down to the Venetian and take a ride on the grand canal.  Charity and I have done this one a few times.  You can charter your own Gondola or if funds are tight you can jump in with some others.  The ride is totally worth it no matter what road you take.  Cost= $15 per person or $60 for your own boat

10. Take a ride on the Stratosphere
This one is for the trill seeker.  I only venture down here when some of my friends from back home head into town.  They drag me down and we usually ride the big shot that is on top; its not the only ride though you have many to choose from.  The cost on this will vary so check the website and get ready to pee your pants!

You may not have a local in town that you can talk to about what to do while you are in Vegas so here is my list.  You may find something that needs to be on here; just let me know and maybe I will add it.

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