Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finding Value in my Grade

I'm not sure if you struggle with the same insecurities that I struggle with but you may struggle with this one.  See I struggle with finding value in my grade.  I didn't realize this until recently but it became extremely evident to me that when I get a bad grade in seminary, or school in general, I get frustrated.  This last summer I took a course called "God in Science and Scripture".  In that course I was asked to write a final paper.  Through a random series of events I found out that I got a "C" for the final grade of my course.  Now I could vent about the circumstances that lead to that grade but its in black ink already so its pointless.

After receiving the "C" letter grade I found out that I was super bummed on the grade.  I felt like I had put so much effort into the course but obviously didn't learn the requirements for passing the course with a better grade (random side note: a "C" is passing).  Last summer I learned that for so long in my life I have found my value in a grade.  I find my value in acceptance from others and that is a tough place to wrestle with.

Since getting that grade I have done my best to find my value in Christ.  I most of the verses; I have heard the sermons... shoot I have preached the sermons but God brought me to a place in life where I had to find my value in him and not in a prof that I will most likely not see again until heaven.

I want to leave you with two questions to ask yourself:

  • What is there in your life, today, that is holding you back from finding your value in Christ?  
  • What is getting in your way from really becoming the person that God is asking you to be?


Nick Ristow said...

I'm with you man... that class was the first and only "C" i have gotten in seminary, I found myself frustrated and making excuses about it... Thank God His love is not based on GPA.

Neal Benson said...

Hey bro I feel ya. I was so mad (and still need to get over it).
Can't wait to see you in a few weeks at Tozer