Friday, September 19, 2008

Fantasy Football

This year I swore to myself that I would not do fantasy football. I had all the thoughts in my mind and all the rebuttals I would use to those who would attempt to sucker me into the horrible game. I thought: "I don't have time, I am having a kid" or "I just cant do it with seminary right now". After all my planning and thinking about how to get out of it, I think the conversation went like this about a month ago:
Jesse: So you ready for the season
Neal: You bet I am
Jesse: The draft is in two weeks
Neal: You ready to get crushed again?

And from there the rest is history. I once again got sucker into fantasy football. So what did I do? I committed to winning and suckered my wife into helping me! We are doing it as a team, that way we can both have bragging rights. We are not competitive one bit...

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Martin said...

Dude, I wish I knew you played. I would have jumped in a league with you. I'm 3-0 right now as long as LT doesn't do to much tonight. I'm hoping that toe keeps him benched most of the game.