Friday, September 12, 2008

Simply Text

So these last couple weeks have been crazy in my life, but I found something cool to help with ministry. Its called "Simply Text". We were using this text message system that was hard to use and pretty pricey, we all know the economy is funny right now (that is my favorite line to hear lately). So we checked out Simply Text and this system is amazing. It is much easier to use then our old platform and a better deal. For the cost of one month is the price I was paying for our HS ministry alone. On this system we have MS, HS and College on a plan that is a better deal. If you are in ministry you gotta check this out and give it a whirl.


Ryan Guard said...

Twitter is free bro! Not as easy, but it can do all the same things for you if you get creative.

Martin said...

Why are you not using Twitter?!?

Look me up if you go there: pair_o_dimes