Monday, September 01, 2008

Sophie is home!

Praise God!!! Sophie is finally home. Thank you so much for all your prayers! After much prayer and hard work going to the hospital Sophie is finally home. She got her feed tube out last night at 11pm and Charity made the commitment to be at her 2am, and 5am feed times. After the 5 am feed time Charity came home yelling and woke me up (I'm still not sure what she said) but I knew we had to go to the hospital. She told me to hurry and wake-up, that they were going to let Sophie come home.
We got to the hospital around 6am and were packed up ready to go at 7am. It was a for sure God thing. Our nurse worked hard and the doctor knew that Sophie was ready. Our nurse said the coolest thing, something like: "Its great to have parents like you who really care, but its hard to see you go. You make the job rewarding." It was a true blessing to leave with our baby today.
Thank you so much for all your prayers! We feel so blessed right now. Just to make you laugh, Sophie peed on me during her 9am feed time. I felt it soak out the diaper into my pj's. It was gross but so worth it!


<3 Meegs said...
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<3 Meegs said...

Yay! Is it just me or is she throwing out a rock on sign (left hand)?

Im really relieved for Charity, you and Sophie!

brian c. berry said...


Unknown said...

She TOTALLY is throwing a rock on sign.... shes gota be stoked to be home!

Everyone is so happy for you and your family :) thanks for keeping us all updated!