Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you all for praying for us and being there for us during this hard and totally not expected time of our lives. God has really taught us so much and shown Himself faithful and trustworthy once again (He always seems to do that). We are so excited to have Sophie home and be spending time with her. I will try to keep updating you all on what is going on in her life, she really is our precious little charger (that is what I call her).
Today Sophie got her first bath (look how beautiful she is!).
It was a day of firsts for her. Her first time she didn't sleep and mommy and daddy had no clue what to do (thankfully she wasn't crying). She really is a true blessing and amazing addition to our lives. Please pray that we will amazing parents to her and that we can show her the love of Jesus on a daily basis. Will you also consider to pray for her daily? We are praying that she will love Jesus at an early age and just be a world changer!


Kelly said...

Awww look how sweet she is. This is just the beginning of sleepless nights!! I think it's preparation for the teenage years. ;-) Speaking of, she'll be a teenager before you know it. Savor *every single* second. It goes by really fast.

Marlene said...

Hey Neal, this is Marlene [Medina]! Your pictures of Sofie are ADORABLE!! She's SO CUTE!! =)

I'm so happy for you guys! Look at you and your little family! Super cute!! God bless you guys!!


Rob Hall said...

she is SUPER cute! now her parents...hmmm