Friday, September 19, 2008

Video Announcements

Something we have tried to do is just spice up the announcement time by making them a skit, or doing voice overs or just plain having fun! We have a great student who graduated two years ago who just does amazing video ideas. I give him the announcements and he gives me a video Wed before service. I have never been disapointed and have almost peed my pants some of them are so funny. Here is the one from this week:

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brian c. berry said...

dude. I'm coming to your church with a gunny sack and a gun and I'm stealing this kid. I'm then going throw him in a back room with a computer and a video camera and feed him a diet of red vines and monster soda through a small hole and use him as force labor for our announcements. I cannot believe this video! It is amazing! I'm pissed at you for having this volunteer. I have to go repent of my jealously and anger now. out.