Friday, September 26, 2008

One Month Old

Today is Sophie's one month birthday. I am not sure if "one month" counts as a birthday, but we are stoked on it! Today at lunch Charity and I talked about all that we have been through over the last month. We have had many ups and downs. Through all these good and hard times we have learned so much and here are some of those learning's:
1) We have a beautiful baby!
2) We have a church who loves us
3) We love each other first
4) We are both newbies to parenting
5) Charity is more hardcore than I had ever imagined. She gets up all the time and I don't even think she sleeps
6) Sophie finally slept through the night last night
7) I can tell you about the NICU
8) We both know what its like leaving the hospital without your kid
9) We found out, again, how many people love us and support us
10) We both are learning new schedules in life.
We are so blessed to have Sophie and so excited for the little lady of God she will grow into. She is so beautiful, thanks for praying for her

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