Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Family Day

Today is Friday and for the most part that means family day (besides the homework I am taking a break from right now).  Last month, February, was crazy for my family.  I was out of town for almost half the month and that means that I have been missing my family.  Today I tried to get us back in the swing of what the "normal" in our life used to be.

Early this morning Sophie and I got up and went to Krispy Kreeme where we had our fill of doughnuts and hot chocolate.  Getting doughnuts has been a cool way for Sophie and I to connect and get some one on one time with each other.  Charity puts Leah down for a nap and it allows her some moments of quite in the house.  This morning Sophie threw down!  She didn't eat her normal doughnut but ate two!  We meet a super kind Christian who got Sophie her second doughnut.

After doughnuts we stopped at the store to get Charity some flowers and headed home.  Once we got home we packed the girls in the car and headed out to Lake Mead to feed the ducks, fish, birds and seagulls (there are a lot of animals out there).  Loving our new iPhones because I can record HD videos on them and upload it straight to youtube so you can watch Sophie sharing her bread with the ducks!

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