Tuesday, March 22, 2011

iPad 2: Our First Touch

This weekend we took a trip down to Town Square.  The plan was that Charity and Leah would go to Old Navy and exchange some clothes for the girls while Sophie and I went to the Apple Store.  Sophie and I wanted to get our hands on the Apple iPad 2 and see what it had to offer.

When I first saw the iPad 2 I was very impressed with it!  I was one of the people who watched the live blog on CNET about it and then the first day it released I called my apple rep and bought one... The tough thing about that is that I bought at 3pm and have to wait 2-3 weeks for it to ship.  So while Sophie and I were there we decided to check it out.  Sophie got more hands on time with the iPad than I did but it was cool to see her playing with it.  I was watching her interact with it and it amazed me at how comfortable she was with it.  It seemed like she instinctively knew that she could open certain games and then she would play them.

There were a few times I was in shock at how easy Sophie could play on it!  We went on youtube and even watched the trailer for Tangled (we are totally buying it when it comes out).  Here are the three main reasons that I bought the iPad 2:

1) Convenience in Traveling
It seems that I have been traveling a bit more lately; especially this year.  I would love to travel a bit lighter and have not have to bring my Macbook along with me.  The iPad is going to make that happen.  I can travel and have access to the internet, type out notes, and Face Time with the girls.

2) Family Learning/Movies
We have a family trip coming up in May.  I envision this trip us not taking a laptop.  We will take the iPad and be able to watch movies on the plane (I love the 10 hour battery life).  We will have access the to internet, be able to take pictures and just have some fun with the iPad in downtime.  Sophie can practice letters, numbers and play her matching game.

3) Ministry
Now I know this could sound weird but I see the iPad helping me in ministry.  I plan on getting to a place where I teach from the iPad.  Its going to save me paper (I manuscript all my messages) and my Bible software has an app!  I plan on using it in small group to look up questions that come up.  I plan on using it in meetings where I can just have something to take notes, be online or show a quick video that we may be looking for.

I'm really excited for my iPad to arrive at my house and see if what I think I will use it for is really what we will use it for!

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