Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Small Group

This year is a first for me in small groups.

For most of my life leading small groups I have been the sole leader of the group.  The burden has fallen on me to make the contacts, plan the events, choose the curriculum, line up the house, meet with the guys, pray for the guys and much more.

This year though I decided to change that and let me share what brought about that change.  See one year ago our second daughter was born.  I took some time off when Leah Joy was born and that meant that my small group wasn't going to meet during that time.  After that month off it just hit me that there has to be a better way to do this.  I thought about it, prayed about it and talked with other high school pastors about it.  All those conversations lead to the current plan we have for our small group setting now; Our Small Group.

Yep, Our Small Group

I just got home from our small group.  Another leader and I are teaming up this semester to lead our small group and its going great!  He is the freshman leader and I am the sophomore leader but its our small group.  We all meet together in one house.  We eat dinner together then jump on the couch, or sit on the floor, and open the Bible together.  Right now we are studying the Beatitudes, a small group study from Simply Youth Ministry.  

We meet together as a group and its really cool to see all the guys connect and interact with each other.  I love seeing the guys open their Bibles and asking questions.  I love leading with Mikey McComb and watching him teach (he definitely hit a home run tonight).  Then after the study we break into smaller groups (freshman and sophomore) where we pray for each other and give guys a chance to confess any sins they are struggling with.

If you are leading a group on your own I am more convinced now that it is a good idea for you to find someone to share that experience with.

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