Monday, May 09, 2016

Devoted to something

What are you devoted to in life?
Or another way to ask it is: what would others say you’re devoted to?

I've ben thinking about this question in my life. If people observed my life for a week, what would they say I am devoted to?
Where do I invest the majority of my time?
What apps do I check/use the most?
What would my checkbook reveal about my life?

I recently finished preaching through the book of Colossians and this question of what am I devoted to was highlighted for me when Paul wrote:

Paul shares with the church in Colossae about what he would like them to be devoted to. Paul saves some of the most important parts of a thriving Christian walk for these last sentences in his letter.

Paul instructs the people on is to be devoted to prayer. The word devoted is not a word we use much in our conversations (at least, I don't hear it). To be devoted means to: persist, endure or be committed to something. The something in this case is prayer. We are to be devoted to prayer. And in our prayer life we must be watchful and thankful.

Being devoted to prayer reminds me of Chasing God by Roger Huang. Roger is the founder of City Impact. Roger is a living example of being devoted to prayer. When he started City Impact, it was all through prayer. When they needed something it was all in prayer. Through prayer they shut a strip club down by prayer and fasting in front of the mayors office (read Philippians 4:6). You have to pick up this book and read about being devoted to prayer.

I am in a stage of life where I feel God calling me to be more devoted to prayer. I'm trying to figure out what it means to be devoted to prayer as a husband, father and pastor. I feel like I have a decent prayer life but I want to be more devoted to prayer. I want conversations with God to consume me. I want closeness with God to normal, not random. My goal is to intentionally look at my life, starting today, and move myself on a trajectory where people could say that I am devoted to prayer.

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